We should allow all voters to participate in all elections by defending open primaries.

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How is the system rigged?

In open primary a voter can choose to participate in the primary process of any of the parties, not conditioned on party affiliation.

That means an independent voter, who isn’t registered with any of the political parties, can choose to cast his or her vote in the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, or Green Party primary.

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Why are open primaries important? Because around 90 percent of all elections are decided at the primary stage. And without open primaries, the near 40% of Coloradans who aren’t registered with any political party aren’t given a voice in this important phase of the electoral process.

Unfortunately, the two major parties have a vested interest in keeping the primaries closed. It’s much easier for them to control who wins and who loses when they only have to speak to members of their own party. Because of this, the parties are constantly challenging open primary systems across the country, as well as here in Colorado.

What can be done about it?

Colorado’s electoral process is in a transformative phase. This past November, the people of Colorado voted to replace their caucus system with presidential primaries, and they also approved a move to an open primary system. However, the implementation of those primaries has been fraught with opposition.

How can I get involved?

Let Colorado Vote is an organization that was founded to lead the initiatives that Coloradoans just passed which implemented open primaries. They are leading the fight to keep the primaries open and protect the rights of voters who participate in those primaries.

Common Sense Reforms

Bridging the growing partisan divide in the legislature by electing centrist, independent candidates to office.

Rooting out political corruption by enacting stronger ethics, lobbying, and campaign finance reforms.

Allowing all voters to participate in all elections by defending open primaries.

Leveling the playing field that currently advantages incumbents by ending the practice of partisan gerrymandering.

Providing voters greater choice in elections by establishing alternate voting systems both locally and statewide.

Founding Partners

Unrig the System is organized by a coalition of reform organizations and is made possible through a grant from the Bridge Alliance.

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