Government should work for the people, not political parties and special interests.

Together We Can Unrig Colorado's Election System

Our goal is to educate and empower a movement of citizens across Colorado.

Together we can unite Democrats, Republicans, and independents to advance structural political reforms that increase competition, participation, and accountability in our political system.

Unrigging the system starts with you.

Common Sense Reforms

Bridging the growing partisan divide in the legislature by electing centrist, independent candidates to office.

Rooting out political corruption by enacting stronger ethics, lobbying, and campaign finance reforms.

Allowing all voters to participate in all elections by defending open primaries.

Leveling the playing field that currently advantages incumbents by ending the practice of partisan gerrymandering.

Providing voters greater choice in elections by establishing alternate voting systems both locally and statewide.

Founding Partners

Unrig the System is organized by a coalition of reform organizations and is made possible through a grant from the Bridge Alliance.

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